March 31, 2009

If you don't, I don't care....I'll pull down your underwear!

WARNING: If you don't want to read about girls underwear don't read this post. On the other hand, if you enjoy reading about girls underwear.....please stop reading my blog all together. (Ewww....I'm now considering password protecting this site.)

We have struggled to find panties that fit Miss Lil. She picks and squirms and hates the fact that elastic rubs her legs. We've tried different sizes, styles, brands.....nothing works. Nothing! Then one day one of my best friends, Kate, says "you should let her try the style of panties I wear from American Eagle...they're GREAT!" At first I thought, "Whatever....panties made for a way! She's five." I went to the store and looked at the size XS....

Exhibit A: The panties on the left are girls size 7 Camp Rock

Exhibit B: The panties on the right are ladies size XS from American Eagle

They are the same freakin' size!!!! Panties for a 6 year old and panties for 15-21 year olds are the same size!!! Really???? Now....I know some of you reading my blog probably WEAR those same size panties....please don't tell me! Let me live in denial for a while longer.

On a side note, the panties do work great for her, and fit perfectly. My only issue is that I am spending more on my 5 year olds underwear than I am spending on my own!

March 26, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

I can never top her random thoughts, or hers for that matter. But to keep the spirit of Random Thoughts Thursday alive, I'll do it!

I love the new show Castle on ABC. I guess I'm excited because I don't really watch a lot of TV anymore. Kate and I used to have Grey's watch parties but we got out of that (my kids yelled too much in the middle and it made us mad). I also used to like CSI until 4 other spin offs came out and I couldn't remember which one I was watching. It was too confusing for me. DJ likes Castle too, so it's been kinda fun to have a show to watch together, although I am usually in bed under the covers and he's sitting in the living room, but we're together in spirit, and I think "Oh I bet he laughed at that!" (Sorry mom there were too many grammatical errors in that sentence to fix!!)

I had to go to the OKC Country Club for an awards luncheon for OKC Beautiful today. There was more botox and silicone in that room.... it really was fascinating to watch. We ate some cold tomato soup and when I got home I told Damon it was gestapo, he died laughing and said "I think you mean Gazpacho! Or, did you actually have a Nazi policy officer for lunch?"

Possibly I'm not cut out for Country Club dining.

March 25, 2009

Not my usual post

So yesterday I'm in a check out line and I look up and the woman who has checked out before me had walked out of the store and stepped off the side of the curb wrong and had fallen on the pavement. She was a large woman, very large ,and she was laying on the ground. The woman working in the store just stood there, and without hesitation I threw my items down and ran outside to help her. Another woman ran from across the parking lot.

I started talking to the lady who had fallen and I knew she was embarrassed, but luckily she didn't think she had broken anything. (I am guessing she weighed between 350 -400 pounds, and she told me that she had a fused ankle and she couldn't stand on it.) At this point a man who had apparently had one too many drinks came up and was yelling "do you want me to call someone?" I wanted to say, "No Otis, we've got it, go back to the bar"... but I refrained. I looked at the woman in her eyes and I said, "You take your time, you WILL get up, and we are going to be here to help you!" I put her purse and sack on the ground. I told her to think about the best position she needed to be in to stand up, and she said she needed to roll to her knees, she did it and in about 5 minutes she had the courage to try to stand up. She did, and we pulled her up.

I know you are wondering, "Karyn where are you going with this?" Well this is where I'm others. Maybe they are embarrassed, maybe you're embarrassed for them, whatever..... just offer to help. Maybe they won't need it, maybe others will beat you there, but whatever you do don't be the girl at the counter staring at her like "Ouch that hurt"...get off your tail and do something. Anything. My dad fell a few times before they diagnosed the cancer. He was losing feeling in his legs and his legs would just come out from under him. I am sure there were people there to help. It absolutely breaks my heart to think there wouldn't be people there to help him.

Whewwwww ....I feel better now. I guess I just needed to vent.

March 22, 2009

Random Thoughts....Sunday

I know it doesn't have the same ring as Random Thoughts Thursdays....but these thoughts are VERY random so it seemed fitting. Heck, I may use it every day.

Many people ask us, "Do you let your girls dress themselves? It helps with their creativity." Our response, "NO!" This is what we end up with....

We had open house at Lily's school, this is her with her teacher Mrs. Bigelow. We love Mrs. Bigelow, she's amazing and she's taught Lily so much.

Here is Lily with her good buddy Collin. We have known Collin's parents since the kids were born and they have done SonShine School together and it worked out that they got in the same kindergarten class. I am thankful she had at least one friendly face in kindergarten with her and I can't believe it's coming close to an end. Tearing up........

So our Spring Break consisted of work. (But that's better than some that were sick the entire time so I'm not complaining.) We did take Friday off and we headed to the zoo. It was a nice quick trip. We waited until the afternoon to go, so a lot of people had left. I did snap this picture of these snakes. Although we can't be 100% sure (I'm not trained in Zoology) but we think they were doing it. The girl snake just stared at me when I took the picture like "you sicko" and then I thought....this is odd that I'm taking a picture, but for the sake of this blog I did it. A woman walked up behind me and said (use your best hick accent) "Hey boys what's wrong wid dat snakeee, theres somethin rong he keeps shaking around.......oh wait.....nevermin I think I know what their doin' now." Then I turned around after taking the picture and she looked at me like...."you sicko". I guess that should have been the title of this post.

Here is Addy at the Zoo. We call this the "My mommy and daddy don't love me enough to buy me a $6 watery snow cone" face!

Finally this weekend we celebrated my Nana's birthday. Her birthday is today actually and....well...since she reads the blog....we'll just leave her age off. All of us went to eat (there were 22 of us) at Olive Garden yesterday and then everyone came to my house afterwards.

Happy Birthday Nana! I love you!

Here are the great grand kids watching her open a collage I made her with pictures of all of them. They liked finding the pictures of themselves!

Here are the girls with Nana & Papa at lunch today. I just loved this picture...and my hope is that Nana will remember this post ending with this sweet picture and not remember that I wrote about snakes "doing it" in the same post I wrote about her birthday celebration pictures! Love you Nana!

March 19, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

Yes, if she jumped off a bridge I probably would too. I'm either THAT impressionable, or just lazy enough to steal a perfectly good idea and call it my own. So here's MY random thoughts Thursday....

I got an amazing camera for my birthday. My boss and the sales guys at the office went in on it for me! I was so surprised. SHOCKED ACTUALLY, it was so sweet! I have taken some great pictures with it, but have absolutely NO idea how to get it from here...

to HERE. (Editors note: my camera is red.)

We went to the dentist today. Dr. Eliot in Edmond, highly recommend him. Lily, DJ and I all got a check-ups and cleaning. Lily was perfect, walked back and did great all by herself. When they were done they said "you can go back in the waiting room now" apparently she told the hygienist, "No thanks I'll just stay in this chair."

It's been too long since we've been to the dentist and I was fearful they would give me horrible news. I did have one small cavity so that was better than I thought, but she said I had mild gingivitis. Ewwwww. It sounds like something a 13 year old poodle has. I felt old. I said "Oh no, they have commercials about that, what does it mean?" She said "it means you don't floss enough." OH...well DUH! DJ, of course, has a million dollar smile and perfect healthy teeth. His parents should be proud their $4000 is paying off.

Getting ready for the dentist this morning the power in our neighborhood went off. I had dried the girls hair, and was in the process of drying mine when it went off. I threw the hair dryer down and went and lit a candle so we could finish getting ready. When I got home, 7 hours later.....our power was back ON! And guess what else? My hair dryer! Holy crap. I could have burned down my house. That possibly would have sucked more than gingivitis.

I have off work tomorrow. YEAH! I'm sure it will rain and snow, or something terrible...that's my luck.

Off to floss. My life is so sexy.

March 17, 2009

Reference Pic

For those of you that need a reference is a pic of Addy making a similar "pouting face" like I am below! ; )

33 and counting....

It's my birthday, the big 33. (Yes I had vowed to lose 33 pounds by my birthday, but lets not go into that right now and ruin my big day.)

I love this picture of me and my dad. I am guessing I was about one. I didn't post a picture of my mom, only because I love her too much to do that too her. Her bleach blonde hair and the ocean blue eye shadow ......WAIT....maybe I should post it!

This morning as I was getting in the shower Lily said "Mom are you turning 40?" On a side note, Lily's room has been cleaned out and all her toys are being donated to charity. BRAT.

I am posting the next picture of me just for fun. I am guessing I was about three. I thought it was funny because everyone always thinks Lily looks just like me, and I think this one looks more like Addy.

March 10, 2009

I'm a grown woman and I can fully admit

that I use these.....

Wet n' Wild Mega Lip Sticks.
Oh you only thought Wet n' Wild stopped production of their sticky, clumpy, glittery cosmetics back in 1987. Oh NO my friend!
This is my favorite lipstick ever, and I don't feel bad about admitting that to you all!! It's actually quite freeing. I'm probably not quite as proud of confessing that I have also used Mary-Kate & Ashley leave in conditioner. I turn 33 next week and I am considering purchasing some cosmetics that aren't marketed to 9-13 year olds.
We'll see.

March 9, 2009

Self Diagnosis

Many of the kids in our circle of friends seem to be getting sick. I heard that one of the first signs of the illness they have is a headache. As we were driving home tonight I asked the girls, "Do either of you feel sick? Does your head hurt?"

Lily said, "No."

Addy said, "Yes mama, my head is hurting my feelings!"

March 5, 2009

Nothing, Absolutely Nothing

I have absolutely nothing to post about. The girls haven't given me any new material to work with and I have lost the cord to my camera to upload new pictures.

I feel so useless.

I do have some old pics of a shower DJ did several months ago, and since I have nothing else....I will show them to you.

The reason why I was so impressed with it is because when he started it was a CLOSET! Really, a coat closet. No sink, no toilet, no shower.....nothing! Pretty impressive.

Sorry folks it's all I have. A picture of a toilet. Wow, this is a sad, sad day.

March 1, 2009

Honesty is the Best Policy...

I love this girl. We have become great cyber friends, but never met. DJ and I were friends with her husband in college, and we are planning our first date together...I'll let you know how it goes.

I guess I should say I did love her until, she's tagged me.

The Honest Scrap award.

10 HONEST things about me....

10. I love Hot Tamales & Popcorn. Yes together.
9. I can't sit still at home to watch movies. I have to be doing something. It is a good way to go on a date though, DJ knows he has to take me out to watch a movie!
8. I wish I wouldn't have changed my major, I originally wanted to be a teacher.
7. I love Coach purses, and will admit I am a bit obsessed with them.
6. My biggest fear is death. (I am a Christian and fully believe in Heaven and believe how amazing it will be, but I am fearful of the unknown.)
5. I love to laugh, and to make others laugh.
4. I can not be without lipstick. Ever.
3. I love shows like 48 hours, The First 48, anything Dateline.....can't get enough!
2. I love chips. Salty, tortilla, baked, nacho, dipping, corn....I have not met a chip I didn't like.
1. I love my sweet girls, my husband, my parents, grandparents....all of my family! I'm entirely too blessed.

AND...I love to share the love. Tag you're it....