March 1, 2010

Girls Gone WILD!!!!

Last weekend we had a girls-only-no-boys-allowed weekend! We crammed in as much girly stuff as we could!

DJ went with his dad to Florida to see his little brother Adam. The trip was in honor of his dads 60th birthday! FUN!! I wasn't bitter at all that he was touring $15 million homes, taking day long excursions on yachts, eating fresh seafood, and sleeping in. Really I wasn't bitter! Meanwhile, I was back here cleaning a dirty house, taking day long excursions to work, eating leftover Long Johns, and sleeping in until at least 5:45 AM.

To help fill our loneliness without daddy, we did as many girly things as we could! It started with us making these crafty chore charts for the girls! They loved making them. I drew the lines and they did the rest! They love them, and so do I!!

Then it was off to the salon for some pampering with MiMi! Addy wasn't sure what to think. She couldn't relax. I think everyone running around made her nervous. Not to mention she had that freaky pink panda looking over her shoulder the entire time.

Lily didn't have as much trouble relaxing. For a kid that sleeps in a satin eye mask....she "relaxes" well. DIVA.

They do a design on the girls nails for free. For Lily, the little gal said, "You want zeeper?" She said "mom she can do a zipper on them!" I said, "whatever." I thought a zipper sounded kinda Gothic for a 6 year old, and then I realized the lady said zebra! "You want Zebra on your nails?" HAHAHA

(Please note: I didn't PAY for my kids to get "real pedicures"! They had a polish change on their hands and feet $15 dola...I mean dollars.)

After pedicures if was off to Inspirations Tea Room with GiGi (Damon's mom) and her best friend, Pam. We had a great time. Tea rooms are a great place for a mother to take time to teach her daughters some etiquette and how to have a nice, quiet, proper dinner. When we sat down, Addy got a straw and blew the wrapper off across the table, and it hit Lily in the head. Proper Etiquette - Strike One.

PS. GiGi taught her to how to blow the wrappers of straws, so I blame her!

Then Addy took all the breakable napkin rings and started playing house with them, or something. She kept clanking them around, I just KNEW she was going break them. Proper Etiquette - Strike two!

...and then...this one doesn't even need a title. STRIKE THREE!

Finally our girls gone wild weekend ended at the Civic Center. We went to see the Wizard of Oz with my mom and dad.

We did have a great time, and Lily was one of about 15 Dorthy's. She WAS the cutest by far! ; )

We had a great time while he was away, but we missed him so much and we were so glad to have him home!