May 30, 2009

I'm not sure who came up with....

Maybe it was a pregnant lady rummaging through her cabinet.
Maybe it was some college guys who had nothing else to eat.
Maybe it was a government conspiracy to sell more graham crackers.
I'm not sure.
But I do know that they make kids smile like this....

and that makes me happy!

May 25, 2009

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

One of my b-day gifts from my parents was tickets to The Lion King!
My mom and I went on Saturday, and the show was awesome! I highly recommend it. Wow!!! I can't even begin to tell you what the best parts were, too many to list!

I have seen Phantom (twice), CATS, and Beauty & the Beast, but I really have wanted to see Lion King and Wicked for the longest time! (Wicked is in Tulsa in July....DJ if you read my blog that's a anniversary hint!)
Mom and I had a great time! We did of course get tickled in the bathroom when a 16 year old girl was attempting to sing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"...I love when people go to shows and think they have the quality voice to replicate what they just heard! We were in stalls and my mom kept clearing her throat when the girl hit a bad note! I of course was crying in my stall and couldn't move for fear of belting out the ugliest laugh ever!

Another thing I can't stand is rude people in the Theatre. This isn't Tinsel Town folks, this is the Civic Center. This is a National Broadway touring group, have respect! I think Theatre etiquette should be offered for seniors in high school. It wouldn't be a class JUST dedicated to that, it would be a class called "Things I need to know how to do in the real world!" (I've thought about this a lot!) Girls would learn how to change tires, boys would learn how to use hampers and washers, all would learn how to balance a checkbook, how to write a thank you note, how to pay bills online, and then they would cover things like theatre etiquette too! I'm considering taking this idea to the State Board of Education! (It you think I'm kidding, I'm not!)

Thanks Mom (and Dad), I loved the show!!!!!!

May 23, 2009

3....2....1....BLAST OFF!!!!

No, I do NOT work for Parks & Recreation....but I had to share..... this park in Edmond rocks!!!!!
It's Chitwood Park and it's over off 1st & uhhhhhh....
well I put a link you can find it.

Now this structure is really all they have to do there, but it's huge! The people we were with said it used to just be a rocket ship (like the one over by Hideaway Pizza) but they took it out and put up this!
We had a group of soccer girls there and they went nuts, I can only imagine the "Touch a Truck" boys would love it as well!!!

It's well worth a visit.

Join me next week as we continue to explore fun features in Oklahoma!
Is this a great state, or what?

May 21, 2009

Random Chatter

So this guy...

from "Diners, Drive-In's & Dives" is in OKC right now. Did I see him? NO! My dad did. He was at Ingrid's Kitchen and ran into him. Things like that never happen to me.

I have summer fever, which is no relation to the swine flu, so no worries! I want to be outside! Mainly because my ever so white legs need color, BAD! Kate and I gave up tanning beds when we turned 30, so we either have to get it from God's natural sunlight, or from an expensive spray bottle. (She does that, not me!) I look like C3PO with that stuff on, just doesn't look natural on me.

I love snow cones in the summer! I order the margarita flavor, it's lime and I love it! Lily told my mom "my mommy likes the margarita kind". I am sure my poor mother was horrified! I said "SNOW CONE!" This is the woman who wouldn't buy IBC root beer in a bottle because of "what it looked like!" She's my mom though so I can't be too hard on her, AND she's probably reading this! Love you mom...and juzt so u now if I were drenkin reel magaritias yu wood toatelle noteic it!!

We bought the girls summer passes to Pelican Bay this summer! They will go with Miss Lesley a lot, but we are excited to take them too. Oh crap....that means I need to get a new swim suit. Ewwwww. Well that just ruined my Thursday.

May 19, 2009

Traveling for work....such a headache

I have to travel with my job about 3 times a year. Last week I flew to Phoenix. It's not like it was some fancy trip, but when you leave your family for any period of time it's hard.
ya know, other than the 14th floor hotel room which I enjoyed alone. I had complete peace and quiet for 37.4 hours.

No one talked to me. No one asked me for milk. No one snarled their nose at my half burnt chicken casserole. No one tried to join me in my bath.
No one woke me up at 2 am because they needed help wiping their bottom. No one tried to join me in my 2nd bath! No one interrupted my reading. No one took the remote control from me. No one said "it's not fair". was pretty terrible being away.
When do I leave again?

May 16, 2009

Let the SonShine In...

The girls annual SonShine School Spring Program was Thursday night. This is our 6th year at SonShine school and it's Lily's last year.
My babies looked so cute...

It sure is nice to have a best friend that's a hair dresser to fix hair "FOR REAL" when you get there. YES we were sitting on the stage of the church, we got there at 5:45 to get our seats.

Here are the girls with the Seat Siblings. Damon and their mom, Katie, grew up together and our kids were born literally weeks a part. (The older kids had to dress up in what they want to be with they grow up. Lily wanted to be a Singer and Gabe wanted to be a Zoo Keeper.)

Addy, Addy, Addy.......she can sing anything you ask her to. She can talk for hours, really she never stops talking....UNLESS she's standing in front of 300 people. She was frozen solid. After the program DJ said, "Addy you didn't sing!" She said "I singed wi'd my finders in my moufh!"

Also that night, my sweet Lily graduated from Kindergarten. I just knew I would cry. I had the tissues, I was ready to lay on the floor in the fetal position and cry like a baby....BUT surprisingly did not. She was so big. She did her songs perfectly and she seemed so grown up. I knew she was ready, and it was all going to be okay.

I know I will blink and it will be Senior graduation. I am trying to cherish each and every moment...

May 14, 2009

The Randomness of Thursday

I ended my affair.

My affair with Diet Dr. Pepper.

We had a good 10 years together, but it was time for me to move on. I had been considering giving him up but just didn't have the will power. He listened, he understood me, he cared. I decided the day of the marathon to try to not to have one. I made it. Then when the headache came on Monday I was too sore to care! So it's been 18 days since I've had ANY caffeine! (But who's counting, right?)

I am reading The Shack. (I know it came out forever ago, but it was recently given to me.) I went to a girls night out a few weeks ago and came home at 10:30 (I know, wild and crazy night) and found DJ with the TV off reading! He had read the entire book that night. I knew it must be good. I took it with me to Phoenix on Tuesday and am over half way done, it's great so far. I can see how naysayers may disagree with it's biblical basis, BUT for me it makes my relationship with Christ more focused, more real. I don't know, it's been eye opening so far.

WOW that was really deep for a random thoughts post. My apologies!

Let's lighten this back up, Addy still likes to wear no panties occasionally. That's an issue we will tackle at a later time. Maybe around the time when I quit making my girls sit topless to eat spaghetti at the dinner table. (It's just easier that way.)

Lily graduates from kindergarten tonight. This baffles me. I remember when she started SonShine school. She was 18 months old, I watched that first graduating class at the program and I teared up. How quickly time has flown by. She is growing and changing each day. Changes that excite me and frighten me. Some days I wish she was swaddled in a cool cotton blanket, and I was rocking her to sleep.

May 10, 2009

Ode to Moms

Ode to my mom. Who never stops loving and never gives up. She has put up with my dad and me for way too long! She will receive many stars in her crown for that. Her love of others and caring spirit is seen by all that know her. She can write a sincere thank you note, or note of encouragement faster than you can tie your shoes! She would do absolutely anything for me & my girls, and she is always there to listen, laugh, cry, and help with anything...she's awesome. I love you Mom.

Ode to my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law loves life, and loves us! She's an encouragement to me always. I am blessed to have a MIL who truly cares about me and loves me. She's a great example of faith and a great friend! I love you Debi! (Oh and GiGi, please disregard the fact that Lily is flipping the camera off in the picture, I'm sure it was aimed at ME not you!)
Ode to my Grandmother. Grandma went to be with Jesus in December. My grandmother was a faithful woman and had a heart of gold. I miss her touch, smell, laugh....everything about her. My heart breaks not getting to spend Mother's Day with her, but thrilled to know she is sharing mother's day with her own mom in Heaven. I love you and miss you Grandma.

Ode to Nana. My Nana...there is no one like her! And no one makes brownie like her, no one! She loves to listen & laugh! She's a wonderful support to me and loves me always...well most of the time! I cherish the time I have been given and blessed to have her in my life. I love you Nana.

Ode to Grandma Johnson. Unfortunately I don't have a digital pic of Grandma Johnson. She went home to Heaven one year ago. She was an amazing woman who loved family, fun & food! She was one of the most creative people I know, so talented. I am blessed to have many items she made & painted over the years to pass down to my daughters. What a blessing. We miss you and love you Grandma Johnson.

I love you all. Thank you for impacting my life which makes me who I am today. I pray that my girls feel this way about me someday. Happy Mother's Day!

May 8, 2009

Climbing the Walls

The constant rain was literally causing my girls to climb the walls.

It was frightening & impressive!
And yes they climb up with their little hands and feet, we don't lift them up. I'm sure this will end up in the just wait.
(OH, and please pardon the clothing pile! We are getting ready to have a garage sale,
or donate it, or maybe burn it all, not sure yet!)It's weird, but I don't have a clue where they learn this stuff.

May 5, 2009

Glam Girls

Time had come to have Addy's 3 year old picture made. I asked one of my very best friends Lesley (AKA Ms. Re) to take her picture for me. She did an AMAZING JOB!!!!! I loved them! It also didn't hurt that her best friend Cailey got in on the action. Adorable! Had to share.....

Mi-Mi's, Gi-Gi's, Nana's, Grandpa's, Aunts, etc....
your copies will be mailed soon! I promise!