February 27, 2009

Ramblings of a Soccer Mom

I had a big meeting at work today. I got to work early and worked late. I was pooped when I left. The sitter's husband was kind enough to drop off my girls with DJ at the house he was working at. I rushed to get them so he could finish working.

I arrived at 5:30, grabbed the girls and ran to Homeland. I hate that store, but I needed team snacks for Lily's first ever PINK PANTHERS soccer game tomorrow morning. We picked out the snacks; oranges, Scooby Doo crackers, and Capri Suns. That totalled up to $25!!!! Seriously!?!? (Yet another reason why I hate that store! But I just didn't have the energy to go to Target or Walmart!)

Then I took the two rug-rats to Academy to buy Lily new soccer cleats. I am sure people cringed as I walked in and Addy was screaming "Mama, I want a cart, my yegs are hurting!!" I don't give in to the shopping cart plea, I'm on a mission. We finally find some PINK cleats that fit (God forbid we buy cleats that aren't pink!) We also found her a new soccer ball, the correct size she needed (I didn't even know soccer balls came in different sizes.) We check out. We got all that we needed. Victory!!! We are officially ready for the first game.

I was relieved to get home. My hubby beat me here and had a fire lit, it was nice. I fell into the chair and checked my email. There was one lone email in my mail box that read........GAME CANCELLED.

February 25, 2009

Just BEAD it!

Two of my very best friends in the world are making some really, really cute necklaces!

You've got to CHECK THEM OUT!!!

They made me one and I love it! The great thing is, it's like having TWO necklaces in one! You can flip it around and it has a saying on each side. (Mine says Blessed on one side and a K on the other side!)

Mother's Day is just around the corner!! ; ) They can make anything you want, and I mean ANYTHING!!!

February 24, 2009

Love & Logic

Well last night we finished Love & Logic. Wow! I can't say enough good things about our L&L instructor Karla! She's real and tells it like it is, which I love. I love her passion and personality. She's great! (If you go to church with me and hear that Karla is offering this class again you NEED to take it!)

If you are a parent (or teacher for that mater) and you haven't checked into Love & Logic, YOU NEED TO!!!

Our parenting style has changed over the last 6 weeks and our kids have too...all for the better! We have seen a huge change in.... all of us! My mom told me about L&L about a year ago (she's been a teacher for 30 years and used L&L a lot!) I didn't realize until I took the class that she actually used this crap on me! ; )

I know you'll be shocked to hear this, but apparently I'm controlling! Who knew? (Can you hear the sarcasm?) I yell a lot, and if things aren't going the way I think they should be I yell louder! It wasn't working and now it makes sense why. Also, DJ has the girls in the mornings (since I go to the gym and to work from there). He's a great dad, but he's NOT a morning person! He has to wake up two little emotional girls and get them ready for the day....it was a nightmare! He would call me angry most mornings after dropping them off. L&L has changed that! It's changed his attitude and changed their environment, which has changed the girls moods and made mornings better for everyone!

It's hard work, I won't lie! But it's worth it. I want loving, responsible children but MORE importantly I want them to grow up to be loving, responsible women!

February 22, 2009


Lily starts soccer again this week! This picture below was taken right before her VERY first soccer practice almost TWO years ago! She's so little, and look at baby Addy!! (Insert tear drops here!)
We also are going to be joining a new team this year. The Pink Panthers at Edmond Soccer Club. We will really miss our team The Monkeys!! (We decided to move to ESC now since Lily was older and the YMCA was doing us a favor by letting her play with the Monkeys.) The Monkeys were a great team and we loved Coach Travis and Coach Robert.

It's scary to move to ESC. New people, new friends, new rules....we don't know what to expect. We're excited and scared! We'll keep you posted on how the Panthers are doing....and in the mean time GO MONKEYS!

February 18, 2009

If a train leaves Boston for New York at 7am and travels at 60mph, will it beat a train leaving Providence at 6am traveling 45mph?

This is not a math problem. It's just a story I found on MSN, yet another reason I shouldn't eat lunch at my desk. I am drawn to stories like this. But, THIS is better than reading about Mase smearing poop on the wall!

If you take the time to read it (it's long, I know) riddle me this....who's Amber and better yet, who's baby is she having? I'm confused and intrigued at the same time!

I have two husbands: A polygamist’s diary

"Non-traditional" is a popular catchall phrase that seems, in common usage, to mean anything that differs from the mainstream. It also describes a large portion of my life.
My upbringing was entirely unremarkable, and certainly included nothing of this sort. I was first introduced to such alternative relationships in college when a female friend of mine and I knowingly decided to share the same boyfriend.
No, not a threesome, just going out with the same guy. It was partially a matter of convenience, and partially the fact that we were close friends. We both liked him very much, didn't want to fight over him, and he wasn't anxious to choose between us. As this was my first intimate relationship and it became polyamorous, it is hardly surprising that I ended up in a polygamist marriage. My first husband was Alan.
We fell together like a couple of old shoes, somehow instantly comfortable with each other. We had similar opinions about plural relationships, and neither of us was averse to the idea. Around a year and a half after we were married, we met Eric. He and I were instantly attracted to each other and, as Alan had no objection, we began getting to know each other better. Over time, I found myself falling in love with Eric. Alan certainly wasn't blind to this, so we all got together to discuss it. This turned out to be one of the most important conversations of my life, and led to an increase in my family’s size.
Alan and Eric let me make the sleeping arrangements, and I worked to make sure I spent time with both of them. To all outward appearances we were a married couple with a male friend living with us. While some found it awkward when the three of us occasionally attended parties and such together, very few people attempted to pry. To avoid legal troubles, I remained legally married to Alan, and we all decided a larger house was in order when we met Leslie.
Fast forward to today, and our family is now composed of Alan, Eric, Leslie, Amber, and myself, plus our children: Todd, Steve, Jennifer, Lisa, and Amber is currently pregnant. Eric and Leslie are legally married, and we've added a few rooms to the house. We have two family meetings a week, one of which is for adults only, both of which can get lively and loud. We've had our arguments over money, people monopolizing other people's time, dealing with children's issues, and so forth — like any other family — but we just have more voices in the discussion.
As far as finances are concerned, Alan, Eric and Leslie all work, and Amber intends to go back to work after the baby is born. I kind of became the head Mom and housekeeper, and we all take turns at cooking except for Eric. (We all try to keep him out of the kitchen. We've decided we like the house, and we don't want him to burn it down.) We have main household accounts for bills and home improvements, and we all have our own personal accounts as well. Alan keeps all the books balanced, as he's best at it. Amber and I both receive a kind of salary for what we do around the house.

Our respective families are aware that Alan and I are married, that Eric and Leslie are married, and that Amber is living with us. If they are suspicious of anything else, they've never mentioned it. Fascinating how people avoid asking uncomfortable questions.

This lifestyle really isn't for everybody. We are all here because we love each other and we choose to be together. Those who think it is all about sex really don't understand. Those who think something kinky must be going on seriously don't understand. Incidentally, for those who insist on knowing, we are all straight. This did not keep me from sleeping in Leslie's bed for a few nights and holding her as we cried after she had a miscarriage. We all love and support each other, and try to see that everyone's needs are met. And, as most eventually discover, people's needs extend beyond sex.

With all the traditions we have coming from other cultures and various parts of the country, who's to say what is or isn't mainstream? Kind of makes "non-traditional" lose its meaning.

February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

My grandmother passed away in December, and today she would have celebrated her birthday.

I heard a wonderful idea that I decided to copy! (Thanks Chiara!) I wish I would have known about it for Damon's grandmothers b-day, we will do it for her birthday in November!

Today we purchased birthday balloons for my Grandma...

We wrote a note on each of them "To our Grandma Smith, we love you and miss you!"

And we let them go into Heaven....
Happy Birthday Grandma! We know your celebration in Heaven is better than any birthday party here on earth could be! We love you!

February 16, 2009

Who needs a box of chocolates?

Valentine's Day Schedule:
  • Slept til 7:30 (unfortunately that's late for me.)
  • Cleaned toilets
  • Folded clothes
  • Fed my children cereal
  • Yelled at them for an hour for not cleaning their rooms (yeah, yeah, yeah...Love & Logic is working great!!)
  • Husband yelled at me for yelling at them and not being more "loving and logical"
  • He went to work for a while - no yelling!
  • Mopped the floor
  • Showered!!!
  • Met Kate, Danny, Lesley and the kids at OC and we watched the basketball games
  • At the game I watched our 5 children climb over us 63 times, we went to the bathroom twice, bought 3 cokes, a popcorn, & 5 suckers, I said "don't eat that off the floor" 3 times, and I tried to sell the two youngest to the older couple sitting behind us, it didn't work!
  • Left the game picked up Hideaway Pizza for the group!
  • Yum!!!
  • 24 points later....(well probably not THAT many!)
  • Played the Wii
  • Lesley made yummy pink iced cupcakes that were delish!!!
  • 7 points later....(lets not be adding the points up!!)
  • Watched the kids beg to play the Wii while the dads played
  • Watched my 5 year old knock everyone out in boxing, she rocked!
  • Addy and Cailey changed clothes and panties and who knows what else in the back room, we didn't ask! They were being quiet so we didn't care!

February 12, 2009

One Year Later

A lot can change in one year, but not our love!!!!

Valentine's 2008 pictures will work just fine for 2009!

February 8, 2009

Brainwashed by Media

Get free 3D glasses and watch our Super Bowl commercials - DONE!

Your husbands will feel dorky, but tell them it's okay everyone is doing it...

Encourage your small children to do the same....

Watch closely as we fill your minds with useless images & propaganda...
Did it work??? It's been one week since the Super Bowl and I asked DJ "which commercials were 3D?" His response ...."Uh.....something about vitamin water....and uh...I don't remember what else." Well the commercials were fun to watch but maybe not worth $3.6 million dollars. Oh well...better luck next year.

February 4, 2009

V-Day......bitter much?

I hate Valentine's Day.

I think I always have. I remember in the second grade a boy name Russel gave me a necklace and chocolates (I think that's what he gave me....mom, help me out here.) It was sweet and made me feel special and weird all at the same time! From then on I think Valentine's was just a strange day. You tape a white paper sack to your desk and watch as kids walk by slowly, staring at you like "Will I give you one....hmmmmm, maybe, maybe not". If they walked past you, you felt rejected and hurt, and if they dropped one in you felt somewhat validated even if the card did only read "to my friend."

Now that I'm a "big girl" I still don't like it. I just don't buy into all the hoop-la. I don't want to stand in line for 75 minutes to eat dinner. I don't want another pink stuffed teddy bear, holding a heart that says "luv u". If my husband spent more than $10 on flowers for me EVER I would be ticked! I don't need a card that cost $4.87 that says "I'm amazing", just tell me in person. Chocolates.....don't get me started!! Sexy lingerie? Yeah sure, that would be great if you could fit into it after eating a 12x12 box of chocolates. Oh and the infamous candy message hearts that read....kiss me, love me, call me, page me, call me again, fax me, call my cell, email me, text me, sing to me........... geeze....bite me!

Oh....and just so you don't start "hatin" on me....I will give my children a valentine. They will send valentine's to their classes at school, and they will wear a pink and red shirt that says something about love on it!! (Insert eye roll here.) Now if that doesn't give you warm fuzzies all over, I don't know what will.

February 1, 2009

E! True Hollywood Story - Disney Princess' Revealed

" I guess that's what I get for trusting 3 mice and a dog to run the spray tan gun! I won't make that mistake again!" ~Cinderella

" I was sick of always being the GOOD FAIRY...I wanted more, that's when I started flying with the wrong crowd ." ~ TinkWHAT??? Am I the only one who makes up stories for my kids artwork?? Don't judge me! ; )