April 29, 2008

YFZ Ranch

When the news comes on about the YFZ Ranch, it makes me sick, sad & mad! I can't imagine having your children taken from you, if you truly believed you weren't doing anything wrong (which I feel is the case here.) The brainwashing that takes place in circumstances like that amaze me! When the news is on, I can't turn it off!

Let me tell you why I could never be caught up in a "ranch" like this.....

1. Long sleeve dresses, to the ground, in Texas? Are you nuts? I sweat in sleeveless dresses!

2. A bun. I am not opposed to buns.....but I prefer cinnamon or hot crossed.....not on my head. Can you imagine the number of bobby pins used in that place? Was there a YFZ Ranch bobby pin factory next door?

3. Again, I love my own kids. But there were 77 kids UNDER THE AGE OF 2. Hmmmmm, no thank you. Have you smelled the baby hall after SonShine School???

4. I don't think flip flops are allowed. If you can't wear flip flops, I don't want to be a part of it.

5. Uh, can they use a microwave??

6. Lip gloss, can't leave home without it.

7. Only having to see your husband once a week...............uh, let's skip this one.

April 25, 2008

Brownie Points

He gets brownie points. He usually doesn't. But he gets them today!

Last night, I was packing my bag for the gym, I try to go each morning and work out before work, leave at 5:40...it's GREAT! (Insert eye roll here!!) So around 10 PM last night, I go to iron my clothes. The iron is dead. Won't get hot. And we aren't these people who have ironed clothes ready, EVER! If you wanna wear it, you have to iron it. (And yes Nana I am well aware if I would get clothes out of the dryer in a timely manner they wouldn't be so wrinkled!)

So he says, "would you like me to go to Wal-Mart and buy an iron?" I said "that would be great!!" I lay down thinking I won't go to sleep while he's gone...WRONG! I was out. When I woke up, I found my clothes all ironed for me! Awwwwwwwwww....... And when I got in my truck, he got gas for me too!

It's been so long since I have used the Brownie Point system, I am unsure of the exchange rate. Guess I should research that!

April 24, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting

I adore my children! I would do anything for them. Sometimes I wish I could be a stay-at-home mom. Maybe watch kids myself, but then I look at this picture! No thanks!!! Let's see, 6 kids all day...on a good day that would be 24 trips to the bathroom, 18 cups of juice, 12-14 crying sessions, 3 bags of popcorn, 6 corn dogs, 89 trips to the swing set, and a box of band-aids. NO THANK YOU!!!!

God has always blessed me to provide wonderful Christian women to watch my kids. Heather, Lesley, Chiara and Nicole, are wonderful! I wouldn't know what to do without them.

I remember staying at sitters house when I was young. My mom HATES this story, (it makes her cry) but I like to tell it because it explains my hatred towards Oscar (not towards his wieners, but more about the fact that he would give his bologna a first name! Who does that??) So on with the story....
When I was about 5, I had a sitter, I remember her home like I was there yesterday. As a kid, I never wanted my parents to be upset with me (I guess I am still like that today.) That is why I never told my mom about these incidents because I didn't want to get in trouble. Ms. LouAnn would have bologna sandwiches each week. Probably at least 2 times a week! Well I don't like bologna. It's sick, and it stinks like......like bologna!!! So, I wouldn't eat it. I told her I couldn't, it made me gag. (And if you've seen my gag reflex you know I gag easily, just ask my ears nose and throat doctor!! He gets that tonsil stick by my face and I start gagging.)
I realize you are not supposed to give into a child and make them something different to eat because they are picky, but I wasn't asking for something different, I was choosing not to eat. That didn't fly in her house. She would make me go to the bathroom and wait, while the other kids ate. Then she would come in. There were belts that hung on the back of the bathroom door and she would make me pick my belt and get a spanking for not eating the dang bologna sandwiches!!! I don't really know how long it went on, I probably have blocked most of it out. But I do know this, I still don't like bologna sandwiches, or clowns. (Not sure how the clowns fit into this story, but they freak me out in general!)

April 23, 2008

Number 2

I overheard a conversation at work today regarding using the restroom in a public place. Now, apparently there are people who can only go "number 2" at home! Is this true??

I was shocked by these findings. I guess it's a big deal to some people. I am not sure I understand why. Is it because they are scared of germs? Is it because they don't want others to "hear" the deposit?

To me, if you "gots to go, you gots to go!" Why wait? You're just risking the safety of you and others around you. So to all of you that can't....I say YOU CAN!

April 21, 2008

Spring Time Fun!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Well today is my mother's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!!! This picture was taken Saturday at the soccer game while she (A.K.A MiMi) was holding the 3 amigos under the umbrella!
She won't tell me how old she is, but she did say she still can't get the Tuesday 10% discount at Ross yet! Dang it!! I was ready to cash in on that!
My mom is amazing! She's giving, understanding, funny, sweet, kind, caring, and faithful to Christ. She is always willing to do something for someone else. When she became a teacher 30 years ago, I don't think she realized how many lives she would touch over the years. She's such a dedicated teacher, she's one of the good ones! We need more like her.
She also devotes her "free time" to doing prison ministry and working at the church with speciality ministries.
My dad and I always give my mom a hard time, but we both wouldn't know what to do without her. She loves us both and she loves my girls more than anything. I thank God that He gave her to me, as my mom! I'm so blessed! I pray that one day my girls will love me as much as I love her. I love you mom, Happy Birthday!
(Hey Mom if you do happen to read this, consider this your card!!! I'm not paying $2.99 for a card when I clearly do it for free here!!) ; )

Soccer Saturday's

Lily had two soccer games on Saturday. One at 9:00 and then at 1:00. She got a goal in both games, so we were very excited. The goal at the second game was with time running out, she scored and then they blew the whistle for game over. So basically she won the game for the team! (Just kidding, Colt & Callon score about 10 goals each at games, so we never lose!)

Madison Carpenter, Callon Proctor and Lily, they are waiting for the other team to kick off. Look at the determination in their eyes!

April 18, 2008


Sorry, this is kinda deep for Friday morning!! The thought of Heaven is exciting to me, but I am very fearful of the unknown. So in some ways it's scary for me to think about. (And if you're close to me at all, you know I really don't like to talk about it much!!)

Last night my sweet girl said, "When will we go to Heaven mom?" I said, "I don't know Lily, when God invites us to be there." She said, "Oh I just can't wait to talk to Him! We will get to walk around the entire town in Heaven, it's going to be so neat!! We'll be there together with all our friends and family! I'm so excited!"

I am learning so much from her!

April 17, 2008

Another Lilyism....

Having bunk beds is a blast...unless your little sister sleeps below you. When Addy is mad, she lets everyone know!

Last night at bed time, Addy was ticked. Screaming and crying. I gave her 5 minutes and then went in, I was getting her settled, and a little voice emerges from above...."Mom why does she have to cry so much? She's ANOINTING MY HEAD!" I was trying so hard not to roar with laughter. I said "She's what?" Frustrated she said, "She's anointing my head, her crying is anointing me."

April 16, 2008

Daddy's Girl

Lily had a rough game a few weeks ago. She was a little sad, but her daddy talked with her on the sidelines. He is so sweet and good with her!
He loves his girls so much!

Three Amigos

Addy, Cailey & Chenna
These three are trouble! They are all very sweet girls, just never at the same time!!!!!

April 15, 2008


FAKERS! They just look like they like each other.
The other night Addy was in their room yelling "Sissssseeee, Sisssseeee". (You have to read that with a little Hispanic accent!)
Lily was in the living room, Damon said "Lily, Addy wants you." Lily got up and followed me in the kitchen. She said "Mom I can't do it!" I said, " You can't do what, Lily?" Her classic response, "Mom I can't go back there with her, I haven't had a night off since she was born!"

Addy 2'd

Well Miss Addy is two! Turning two has been a big deal for her. She turned two and started wearing panties all the same week! (Well she calls panties, pay-pays!! We have no idea why!)

She's been on a potty kick for a while. She loves to sit on the potty. I think I am going to get her a crossword puzzle book so she can sit and relax.
For her b-day she got a ton of cute clothes and toys! She's a very blessed little girl.

Easter 2008

Easter 2008

We had Easter at my mom and dads this year. A lot of my dads family was there, and Dj's mom and her friend Pam joined us. Below is a picture of my cousin Jim's kids with my girls.
(Back row; Lydia, Josiah & Lily. Front Row; Chloe & Addy)
They all had a great time together!

The Johnson's


Well I never imagined I would have a blog! But....it seems to be the wave of the future, so here I am. Hopefully this will be a good way that family & friends can check in on my darling monkeys and see what their up to!