June 30, 2008

Rehearsal Dinner

Eight years ago today was my rehearsal dinner, the night before the "big day". We were married July 1, 2000. (DJ loves it cuz he doesn't have to think about how long we've been married he just has to know what year it is, and he's safe!) So...back to my story....
We were having our rehearsal at MRCC and then dinner at Pepperoni Grill. We were supposed to get started at 6. Everyone was there. My family, the wedding party, the light guy, sound guy, video guy, coordinator, grandparents, and preacher. We're ready to rock and roll. But wait....where's my groom? Not there! Where's his brother? Not there!! Where are his parents? NOT THERE!
6:10 laughing with everyone about him "standing me up"
6:20 not laughing anymore
6:25 pacing faster
6:35 dad is now pacing
6:37 mom asks "do you think something has happened to them"
6:37 dad tells mom to shut up
6:38 karyn is about to cry
6:39 karyn checks cell phone, no calls!
6:45 coordinator says "maybe we should start without him"
6:46 karyn says, "really? no groom, sure, let's just do it without him, i am sure tomorrow i can drag his dead corpse down the aisle with me"
6:49 dad is standing in parking lot thinking "am i going to get any of this money back?"
7:04 dj strolls in, in true dj fashion! giving high fives to his "buddies"
7:04 karyn stands in the back of church and looks like the girl from the exorcist, you know the one who's head spins around
7:05 dj sees karyns and nods are her, as if to say "hey what's up!"
7:05 karyns head is still spinning
7:06 he comes back to her to say his dad ran out of gas, and he and his brother had to go and get them
7:07 karyn is considering the dead corpse again
7:07 he says "i'm sorry babe, i'm a freakin idiot! stupid, stupid damon!! i hate myself! you're wonderful and smart, i can't live my life without you, now marry me already!"
7:08 karyn wakes up
7:08 dj REALLY says, "hello, let's go, their waiting on us"
and that, my friends, is the REST of the story!
Thanks DJ for 8 wonderful years. Eight scary, fun, angry, wild, silly, interesting and amzaing years!! I love you!

Glad they're not all mine!

These kids are so much quieter in pictures!!! I love the first picture, it's so perfect and true to life.

Canton, Colt, Lily, Callon, Catch, Cailey, Chenna & Addy

June 23, 2008

Now I know how Mike Tyson's mom feels....

Miss Addy tried to show me a swimming trick in the bathtub like sissy had learned. The trick was putting your face under water! Well....when you slip and fall face first into the side of the tub, it doesn't end so well.
I could just hear DJ saying "That's gonna leave a mark!"

June 22, 2008


Lily doesn't understand the concept that you can be friends with someone older than you. She thinks she can only be friends with other kids that are 5.

Yesterday I said "Lily, I am 6 months older than Daddy and we're friends!"

She said, "You're not friends, you're married!!!!

June 18, 2008

Fab 4 Turning 5!

Five years ago I was pregnant, and so were 3 of my great friends. We were pregnant with our "firsts"! It was a great & scary time! We all had our babies June & July 2003. When they were 9 months old (I think) we had this picture made, and we have had their picture made together each year after that. I won't list names but most of you who read my blog know who these kids are ...B, T, L & J.
This is the most recent picture below (they are in the opposite order.) It's in preparation for their big FAB 4 Birthday Party! J & L have already turned 5 and T & B will be 5 in July.

What a fun time and what a blessing that our kids can grow up with wonderful Christian friends.

Lily's Five!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My baby turned 5 yesterday! Five!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?
She is so big! Damon and I are so blessed to have her in our lives, God is good!!!! Madison & Allie (really Nicole) gave her a party on Monday at their house. It was so sweet. Then yesterday on the "big day" Damon and I took off work and spent the day with her. (I will post more pictures of that later.) It's hard to believe how quickly 5 years have gone by. I feel like overnight she just became a girl......she's not a baby anymore! Okay starting to cry.....will write more later.

June 7, 2008

My Lily

We moved into our house in Edmond 4 days before Lily Alana arrived in this world! (I know, I know, CRAZY, right?)

Well several friends (actually tons of friends & family) came out that Saturday, June 14, 2003 to help us move.

Now I should let you in on a few things:

1. We didn't know if we were having a boy or girl, yes we're one of THOSE couples!!
2. We told no one, I repeat, NO ONE what names we had picked out.

Our friends, Paige & Jared Whitehead, showed up to help us move. And Paige walked up immediately and handed DJ and I a square terracotta pot, and there was 1 green sprig in it. No flower, just a green sprig. She said "here's your house warming gift, it's actually a Lily and it should bloom any day now!"

I about dropped the terracotta pot on her toe. Damon just stared at me. I stared at him. I think we said thank you, I don't remember!

After everyone had left, the first thing he said to me was "you told her our girl name!" "NO!!! No I didn't Damon, I promise!" And I really hadn't told her.

We both sat on the couch a little freaked out. We knew at that moment we were having a girl. Lily Alana arrived at 2:17 AM Tuesday morning, and "the Lily" bloomed while we were at the hospital! My mom planted the lily for me in my yard and we take a picture of our "Lily's"every year!

June 5, 2008

Polly Wanna Cracker?

Does anyone else feel like they live with parrots???

Last night leaving church our almost 5 year old, Lily, (acts more like 13) was getting in some big time sassy trouble!! We were in the car and she had already worked her way into 2 spankings, and was working on another when her father piped in and said "Lily you're about to be up to three spankings, I suggest you shut your mouth, okay?" She got quiet and then the little 2 year old parrot, Addy, says "Shut mouth sissy, k? Shut mouth sissy, k? (yelling) SISSY, shut mouth, k?".

I didn't have a cracker to shove in her mouth!!!!!

June 2, 2008

Barbie Gone Bad!

Lily and I occasionally play Barbies at bedtime. It's fun and I love that she can be creative. Well last night her "creativity" went like this:

KJ: Hi, what's your name?
Lily: Shawlay (Lily doesn't use normal names, EVER!)
KJ: Oh, hi Shawlay, have you been at church?
Lily: Yeah with my boyfriend.
KJ: Oh really?? You have a boyfriend?
Lily: Yeah he wants to be my husband. He is going to spend the night at my house tonight.
KJ: REALLY? Well boyfriends usually don't spend the night UNTIL they are husbands!
Lily: No, my mom said it was okay.
KJ: I don't think she did! I know your mom and she wouldn't say yes to that! How old is he anyway?
Lily: 67
Lily: No.
Barbie's head almost snaps off as I try to shove it into that Rubbermaid tub under the bed
Lily: Mom I want to play more.

On a side note: ALL barbies are being donated to the Goodwill this weekend!!!!