June 27, 2009

You just can't find good help these days!

So I start my new job on Monday (woo-hoo...I think) and I had a few days off this week. Yesterday I decided to tag along and help my wonderful husband for the day! Hmmmmm...there's a lot more to DJ's Custom Tile than I realized!

We picked up tile and were sweating before 9:30....I wasn't even lifting the tile and I was sweating! I only like to sweat when I'm working out so it was challenging for me! (That sounded a little divaish, didn't it? Sorry.)

He did some of this....

I did some of this.....

SERIOUSLY FOLKS I did use the tile saw! I was pumped. I cut about 20 tiles and was thrilled with my craftsmanship. Then as he was laying them I said "Hey... wait a minute, the tiles I cut are going to be hidden by the tiles your gonna put on the wall!" He said, "yep!" All that hard work for nothin'!

I did clean out his trailer for him, and watched 14 minutes of General Hospital! Shhhhh!!!!!! That's our little secret.

We also ate in DJ's Custom Tile fashion...at Freddy's Frozen Custard. I couldn't work for him everyday, I'd be huge...but it was good! We shared some chili fries, and it cracked me up that he didn't get the cheese on them....he said "Yeah when I get the cheese I feel like it slows me down in the afternoon!" HA HA Ya think it's the cheese? Maybe it's that double steakburger, chili fries and Heath bar ice cream....I don't know though, that's just a guess.

Overall it was a GREAT day!

We had so much fun and laughed a lot....well he laughed at me a lot, but still a GREAT day.

June 23, 2009

Six, Six, Six

Six years.
Six girls.
Six fights.
(Well maybe a few more)

Camp Rock Theme
Dancing to Jonas Brothers. Geeze!!! What happened to cakes shaped like caterpillars and plates that have Elmo's face on them?
Popcorn & candy mix for the movie....
Camp Rock movie for the sleep overOn June 17th we woke up on her birthday and she opened a DS and enjoyed pancakes with a candle....
Wow...where have the last 6 years gone? My sweet baby that I used to rock to sleep is growing up so quickly!

June 10, 2009


I am taking a timeout from blogging. I have a lot to do over the coming month to prepare for this new job, and leave my current job. I need to really take time to focus on my family and enjoy them. I didn't want my friends in blogland to think I had forgotten you, but this monitor and key pad consume a lot of my life and I just need to take a break from it!

I shall return.....

June 4, 2009

When opportunity knocks.....you have to ANSWER!

A little history here folks, I have a degree in public relations. When I graduated from college.....10 years ago (seriously? 10 years... wow) I took a job at the bank. My goal was to move to the marketing department but after being there for 6 months the director of the department asked me to be his executive assistant. I thought to myself "Look buddy, I didn't go to college to be someones executive assistant!" THEN, he told me how much he would pay me, and I said "Oh.... maybe I DID go to school to be an executive assistant!" $$$$$$$$$$$

My job at the bank lasted 8 years until they shut down our department. I had to find a new job and that's what led me to my current job. I am the exec assistant to the president of the company, but my main reason for choosing this job (had 3 job offers to pick from) was because there was a need for someone in marketing/pr and my hope was to move up and eventually get one of those positions. They knew that when I can aboard, and I have been doing a majority of the marketing for the company now.

About a month ago one of my best friends, Shel, tells me that her friend "D" (I like to protect the names of the innocent) works at a place and they are looking to hire someone in marketing. I emailed her my resume, and she let me know they had already done interviews, I didn't think much more about it, until.....

about two weeks later. She called me. "D"and the owner of the company wanted to interview me. The interview went great! The company, Heritage, is located in ElReno and they do high end print, promotional products, websites, etc. It was awesome. The excitement of thinking about accepting an opportunity that went along my my career path, was amazing! Even though I have done marketing activity for both the bank and United, this opportunity would be the real deal, a position dealing with everything I love. Of course that excitement didn't help make the thought of leaving United easy, they've been great and I love the people here.

stay with me here folks....it's about to get good....

The day after my 2nd interview with Heritage I came back to work and I was told by the president (who I work for) that the owner of the company had made a decision that was out of his control. His son-in-law was moving from Tulsa to become the Director of Marketing! Hold up!!!!! Wait a minute, that's my job! That's the job I've been working towards for the last 2.5 years. At that moment I knew, if Heritage calls, I'm in.


I start with Heritage as the Director of Marketing on June 29th.

God is good. Wow! The timing of events was incredible, and I know God was in control. If He opens doors, go through them willing....if not He'll just push you through a window, and sometimes that can hurt.