May 31, 2008

May 28, 2008

Get out your wallet!

Follow these instructions:

  • Get out your wallet!
  • Find your drivers licence.
  • Look at the expiration date.
  • If it expires soon, go renew it now!!!
  • Do not, and I repeat DO NOT let it expire.

Mine expired on 4/30/2008, I didn't even realize it. Well SINCE I let it expire the State of Oklahoma now needs a certified birth certificate and my marriage license! I know I have a picture in my wedding album of DJ and I signing our marriage license, I wonder if that will work?

May 27, 2008

Slumber Party

Lily's friend Isabelle came over Sunday night for a slumber party!
They had a great time!
They swam. They swung.
They dressed up.
They cruised.
They made it until 11:30 PM, and then I had to drive Isabelle home, because she missed her mommy!
On the way home I tried to explain to Lily why we had to take her home. I said "Lily I never want anyone to be scared or sad to be at our home. She wanted her mommy, so I took her home." Lily said under her breath "She would have stopped crying in the night, she would have been fine!" (We're still working on dealing with feelings!)

May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Yesterday in bible class our teacher asked us the meaning of Memorial Day. I knew the answer, it is a time set aside to remember those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom. But unfortunately, that isn't what I celebrate. I celebrate sleeping in, and being home with my family, eating hamburgers, potato salad, and yummy desserts with cool whip on top.
I called my Nana today, and got her perspective. (My Nana's first husband, Elmo, was killed in World War II, and she married my Papa years after Elmo's death. My Papa was also a veteran of WWII.) I asked Nana, "How did you celebrate Memorial Day as a child?" Her response was so interesting (keep in mind she was one of 12 children), she said,
"Mama would make us girls a decoration dress, it was fancy and sometimes we got black patten shoes. Daddy would hook up the wagon and all us kids would load up. Mama made biscuits and put fresh veggies in a bowl. She would fry some chicken and put it in a bowl with dishtowels over it. Then we would ride in the wagon (to 2 different towns) and go put flowers on our grandparents graves, and then to our little brother's grave. It was a day to remember and show respect to everyone who had passed away."
Her story brought tears to my eyes. So here's your challenge, call a grandparent, uncle, or great aunt, and ask them the question "How did you celebrate Memorial Day as a child?" I think the answers will warm your heart!

Firm Foundation

Lily was painting a picture of our family. She ran in to me, and gave me a piece of paper and said, "How do you spell Jesus?" I wrote it for her, and she ran off. When she was done, she yelled for me to come in. Here it is! She had drawn our family and then wrote Jesus under us, she said "See Mom, Jesus holds our family together!" Needless to say it's now framed in our home!

May 22, 2008

Pre-K Graduation

Well Lily made it through Mrs. McBride's class. (We were fearful since the first few weeks she would fall asleep on Wednesday nights!) The amount of bible Lily learned in her class was amazing! They were quizzed last night in class and I leaned over to DJ and said, "I hope Mrs. McBride doesn't ask us to answer!!!" I would have failed miserably, but they did great!!!!Jodee & Lily

Lily giving Mrs. McBride a hug

"Jacabed who???"

"I really need to do my nails!"

YES! We made it, watch out Journey we come!

May 21, 2008

Western Diva's

For those of you not living in Oklahoma, NO these are not outfits our children wear all the time! It's for Western Day at school."Neee Haw" (As my girls say!)

Addy looks more like Crocodile Dundee in this one!

"Western Diva's!"

Whistle While You Work!

This is the way we clean the house, clean the house, clean the house....

What?? What are you looking at? Do you not vacuum in your underwear?

May 13, 2008

Could you say that a little louder please???

DJ is still gone, so I had to take the girls to school this morning. I was rushing around, we got everything together and I needed to run in to Homeland and buy a few things. I was grabbing my things, and I had Lily and Addy following me. (To add a little history here, if my kid asks me a question, I give her an answer right then! It may not be the best answer, but I try to "tell her like it is".)

So we are walking down the aisle and she says "What do you need now?" I said, "some pads" (knowing she would continue, because we have talked about pads/periods before) I said "you know when a woman has a period she needs pads". Lily says "oh yeah, I will have a period when I am a woman too." Then as we are walking by the boy stocking the shelf she says "Mom are you wearing a pad now??"

Could you say that a little louder please?? I don't think the 80 year old man on aisle 4 heard you!

May 12, 2008

Remembering Grandma

Well with mother's day yesterday it's a good time to say thanks to my mom, Debbie, and my mother-in-law Debra (A.K.A. MiMi & GiGi)! What wonderful, Godly women. They both do so much to help me and my family, I can't imagine life without them.

It was, however, a rough Mother's Day weekend for Damon and his family. His grandmother Betty Johnson passed away on Tuesday evening. He and his parents flew out yesterday to be at the funeral today. Damon was very close to his grandparents, they lived in San Diego and were at every soccer, baseball, and football game he was in. Damon told a cute story of when he and his brother, Adam, went to their house to play. They were about 8 & 5, and grandma gave them foam rubber bats to play with it. It didn't take the "Johnson boys" long to figure out if you picked the rubber foam off, there were really cool hard metal sticks underneath. They were beating each other in the front yard with the sticks and grandma came out and grabbed them both by the arm and drug them in the house! Not much has changed with those two!

Betty was a wonderful caring woman, very artistic, great cook, fun grandma, and an overall joy to be around. She will be greatly missed!

May 8, 2008

Addy's Prayer

My sweet baby, Addy, is starting to say her own prayers at night. It's precious. This was her prayer last night (I will type it like she says it)....

Tank you foer Sissy, Mommy, Dadeee, GiGi, Dandpa, MiMi, Popeee, Tate, Caayleee. (At this point we thought she was done.)

Tank your foer Aaamen

What a blessing!

May 7, 2008

Soccer Awards

Lily had her soccer awards banquet last night (it was at CiCi's Pizza....but I told her it was a banquet!) She was so happy to get her trophy! (Yes folks, it's a medal, but she calls it a trophy! I don't know where she gets that from! )

Her and Callon are so cute! She loves that boy!

WOW!! Are we that excited about getting the medal that we need a congratulatory kiss? I don't think so. I knew those Proctor boys were up to no good!

OKAY, and here's the other brother...see that's the problem...she loves Canton too!!! One day she is going to marry Canton and then the next day it's Callon!!!!

She can't decide.

I pray that both my girls are blessed with Godly husbands who want them to be in Heaven!

May 5, 2008

Lilyism #485

I have no idea what number we are up to on the Lilyism's....too many to count!

We went to dinner Friday night, Damon and I shared a meal and the girls shared, so that means we get dessert! GREAT IDEA, right??? We got a chocolate lava cake with ice cream and fudge puring out of it! It rocked.

We're all 4 digging in. Addy has chocolate in her's a mess. Lily looks at all of us and then says, "We're eatin' this thing like wild animals!!"

I laughed so hard..................well I laughed after I finished licking the plate of course!

May 2, 2008

Immunization Battle

I had to take Addy yesterday for her 2 year check-up and shots, apparently I forgot her 18 month check-up so we had to get a shot for that too. (Punishing her for my poor parenting, so terrible!) So everything looks great, then the nurse comes back with her little plastic basket. Lily's eyes got big and she said "who's that for?" The nurse smiled and said, "your sister." Lily is such a sweet hearted child, she responds with "GREAT, can I have a sticker too?"
Addy is leery of the nurse and her little basket. She reluctantly lays back on the table, and we hand her a sucker. Now this is the point where Damon steps in to hold her down. Where is Damon? On a job. This is my first appointment where my child got shots and I was alone. His job has always been to hold them down. Then they scream, he kisses them once, and I get to come in and save the day and be the hero and take them away from all the pain. I had to be the enemy. I don't like being the enemy.

We walked out of the office with 3 Band-Aids (only needed 2, but ya know how that goes) and she saw a "copter" in the sky, so all was well.

On a side note they say if you double their height at 2, that is "supposedly" how tall they will be when they are grown. Addy's came to 5'9.5, and they looked back at Lily's chart and hers was 5'10....................... CRAP, my kids are going to be taller than me in like 3rd grade!

May 1, 2008

Get off the couch!!!

How long did it take you to log in and check your blog and blog stalk today? Probably at least 20 minutes or more!! So for a month take that 20 minutes a day and do something that will help your body! I challenge you to take the 20 MINUTE CHALLENGE!

The challenge will begin on Monday, May 5th, so sign up today! The cost is $20 for 20 different custom workouts! Elizabeth will post them daily for your use. YOUR goal is to do a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. You can totally do that!!!!!

Don't you think it's worth it to try??? What do you have to lose...other than weight!?!?!

Do it.........I dare you!