September 24, 2010

10 Random Thoughts

1. Took my youngest child to Chuck E. Cheese's last week to reward her for not crying when going to school. (Yes, that means I bribed her. I'm not writing parenting books anytime soon, don't worry.)

2. Chuck E. Cheese's frightens me. It's like the fair only everyone is inside one small, very cramped building.

3. They serve beer at Chuck E. Cheese's. No I didn't partake, it just really bothers me that they have it there. Not sure why, it just made me mad. I wanted to walk around to the parents drinking and ask who was driving their children home.

4. I don't like the fair. (I think I've blogged about that before, but I am too lazy to find the post and link it to this post. I just don't like it. Period.)

5. The news about this mom who locked her kids in the closet for 10 hours makes me physically ill. I can't imagine a 7 & 5 year old realizing their siblings were dead in the closet with them. Sickens me.

6. Wow, that was a deep-dark Friday thought.

7. Our puppy keeps pooping and peeing in the house. He might get dropped off in an empty field soon, very soon. (Just kidding, don't alert PETA please!)

8. Addy & Lily started soccer again! I love watching them play.

9. It's time to decorate for fall! I love fall.

10. My dining table is piled high with papers, junk and other things I need to go through this weekend, and trash a bunch of stuff. Ewwww. That doesn't sound fun at all....maybe we WILL go to the fair after all.

September 22, 2010


He will do just about anything for his kids.

He won't fight them when they beg him to play the High School Musical 3 Dance game for the PS2.

He does it because he knows it makes them happy.

He doesn't love the fact that I'm taking his picture, because he knows he'll end up on a blog somewhere.

He says rude things to me while dancing on the plastic mat.

He wants to know where the camera is when it's my turn. I hid the camera.

He has mad skills and can dance better than most white Church of Christ boys.
He might never speak to me again after reading this post.

September 17, 2010

God is Good!

September 11th will forever be in our hearts in minds due to the tragedy and lives lost in our country on that horrific day.
In the Utley family we remember that day for two reasons, 9-11 and the day dad went in for major back surgery to remove cancer that was forming on his spine. (We found out on the 10th, and he had surgery on the 11th.)
This past Saturday, September 11, 2010 was two years since dad's we had our God is Good party to celebrate what God's done for us, and that dad has progressed so well.
Life has changed obviously and he can't do as much as he once did, but he's here with us and that is God's plan, for that we are thankful!
(Honestly, we will do just about anything to "celebrate" so we can have an Eileen's Cookie! YUM!)

I just loved these pics with dad and Lily! So sweet!!

We love you dad/Bob/Uncle Bob/Bob-O/Poppy!
God is so very good!!!

September 14, 2010

My Little Entrepreneur

Lily's elementary school collects donations for their school fundraiser.

What does this mean?

It means I don't have to pedal through town with cookie dough, candy bars, or wrapping paper in my trunk and deliver it to people! For that, I am thankful. But cash donations are tricky. I didn't care for the fact that she was going to just "ask for money". She wants to collect money so she can be in the drawing to win some prizes, but just asking for cash didn't work for me! Her personal goal was to raise $120. (No clue where that amount came from!) She also thinks that this magic total will catapult her to "top girl seller" in the school and she'll win a laptop. She is so young to have her dreams crushed. reach her goal, she began crafting....

She created these darling frames with a die cut cross in them. She then decorated them with words like; love, faith, joy, peace....they turned out pretty cute! (MiMi footed the bill for the $Tree frames, thanks MiMi!)
She sold several to friends at church, and GiGi & MiMi, of course! So far she's made 7 frames, and has collected $87 towards her goal!

Not bad kid, not bad.

Dear parent that drives the Lamborghini at our school,
Please don't write your kid a check for $5000 and totally crush my kids chance at being the "top girl seller." It apparently means a lot to her. Oh, and your car is kinda ugly if you ask me.
Lady that drives the burgundy dinged up Altima.