December 8, 2010

65 years

My Nana & Papa are celebrating 65 years of marriage today. Wow.


3 sons.
5 grandsons.
1 granddaughter. (that's me.)
11 great-grand kids

ALL believers in Christ!

That's a legacy!

We love you Nana & Papa!! (I called my Nana and said, "So, 65 years, you think he's the one?" HA HA She just laughed!) Happy Anniversary you crazy-in-love-kids!

Also...while I'm here and before I forget...we got to do something uber cool (thanks to my Uncle Jim) on Thanksgiving. My Papa (he's 94) got to talk with his sister, my Aunt Re! She lives with her kids in California. Neither of them can make a trip like that anymore to see each other, but thanks to technology they were able to Skype and talk! It was wonderful. I had tears in my eyes watching them look in amazement at each other and talk to one another. It was so sweet and a very special memory.

Ain't technology grand!

December 6, 2010

The Tooth Fairy is Unpredictable.

FYI: When you lose a tooth in Miss Johnson's 2nd grade class at Charles Haskell Elementary school you get a cool treasure box to store your tooth in.

It's pretty amazing. (My camera was not cooperating.)

This 2nd grader was thrilled. Her tiny tooth was hangin' on for dear life but had to go to make way for that large awkward tooth that is going to cost me thousands to straighten up.
(Also, 2nd graders like anything that go on their wrists. I'm not sure why.)

She left the tooth under a message that read, "My tooth is under this piece of paper!" She's a planner - would hate for the tooth fairy not to realize where the tooth had been placed.

This latest tooth fairy experience sparked new and curious conversations. Like...
  • "Is the tooth fairy really a fairy or is it a mommy or daddy?"
  • "What does the tooth fairy do with all those teeth?"
  • "I think it's weird that he just collects teeth, why does he do that?"
  • "How does he know what to pay for each tooth? Sometimes it's $1, $2, $5?"

I have always been baffled by those questions as well sweet girl! On a side note, I was thrilled I found 2 bucks in my wallet that night.

The sweetest part of any "lost tooth" at our house is the tooth fairy pillow! My grandmother made this tooth pillow for me when I was 6 or 7. It has a little pocket and the tooth just slides in! Lily uses it now, and when she's done we will pass it to Addy. It's a sweet memory of a sweet woman! (I know Grandma would be thrilled to know Lily is using it too!)

PS. Anyone know any good orthodontists?

December 3, 2010

Edible Artwork

Dear Lily & Addy,

I love your artwork. I think it's wonderful.
When your teacher brings yummy macaroni, fruit loops, beans, coffee beans, sprinkles and whatnot, to use as decoration on your artwork it's fun! So fun! I'm glad you love it. BUT when you bring home your yummy artwork please put it up high. Very high. High enough, that you're little puppy can't find it!
He adores yummy artwork too!
For instance, this yummy apple pie artwork that had real sprinkled sugar all over the top of it!

As you can see he literally ate the entire middle right out of the pie! YUM! FYI...dogs that weigh less than 6 pounds shouldn't consume construction paper, sugar and glue. This is the same reason we said it's not good for him to eat Barbie shoes, hair clips, and crayons.