July 31, 2009

Safety First

You can never be too safe these days, this coming from a woman that posts pictures of her children on the world wide web for every freak to see.

So we went to the Zoo a week ago and we saw this family and I immediately thought "this is blog worthy." It took me 30 min of stalking them to finally get a picture I felt like I could post without breaking privacy laws or something. Their kids were all in orange t-shirts and each had their name written on the front of the shirt with black magic marker. The back, had the families cell phone number written on it, so if the kid got lost the parents would be called. Funny at first, but then I thought....well safety first.

Notice Lily....

I literally shoved her in front of this tree to get a picture and then quickly turned to get the picture of the family....so sad. I use my own kids as lures to get blog material. Disturbing, I know.

I did snap some cute pics of my own family. Not orange-shirt-with-name-and-phone-number-cute....but still cute.

July 23, 2009

Random Thursday Performance - Next Show at 11

I love to catch people doing stupid things when they don't know they're being watched. You know when you pull up at the stop light and the guy has a finger crammed up his nose, or there's a lady changing pantyhose in a parking lot (oh wait, I think I did that once), you know embarrassing stuff like that.

Well today I'm walking through $ Tree (I love the DollarTree, humiliation can't even take that love away) and I catch a glimpse of this 20 year old guy on the toy aisle with a baton....he's twirling it! And he has one hand on his hip, like he's in a show....I stop.

I have to go back.

I need to see more. I turned back, and caught him (I wish I knew the official name for it, but I don't) he had a leg out, arm up and was twirling his heart away....it was great. I considered clapping, but once he saw me he threw it down, coughed and walked away. Dude, you were doing a twirling routine at the Dollar Tree in El Reno at noon...come'on BE PROUD, this is your time to shine.

On a family note...we went to the Zoo Saturday. I was talking to the Giraffe, you know..."Hi Mr. Giraffe, how are you today??" Lily looked at me, rolled her eyes, and said "mom you're talking to a giraffe, how lame."

My 6 year old called me lame! Seriously!!! You think THAT'S lame kid, oh I'll show you lame....you just wait. You'll be 14 sittin' with your friends sippin' a snocone and here comes your mom twirling a baton she bought from the $ Tree......it'll happen, you just wait.

July 17, 2009

Ain't too proud to BEG!!!!

So I told you I'm getting paid to blog. Geeze....life is good. (If my boss is reading, NO sir, I don't just blog... I get on Facebook too!)

Where do you come in??? Well I'm looking for a few good followers.....


We are going to be giving things away on occasion too so it wont hurt to check us out.

Thanks y'all!

July 10, 2009


Thank God I Blog!

First things first, I have a new email address and if you're a friend that emails me, please jot down my new email address because I don't have access to my old email address, and have lost all saved addresses! So you'll have to email me! kjohnson@heritagesolutionsok.com

I'm back to blogging, well for today anyway. I have so much to say and so little time. First off, I HEART my new job. I love it. L-O-V-E it! Love the people. Love the projects. Love my office (minus the flooding after the rain last weekend) but nonetheless I still love my office. Anyway, I'm fond of mildewed carpet, who isn't?

Oh and did I mention I get paid to blog for them? Yeah, I started a blog for the company....so fun, I'll send the link soon.

The drive takes right at 30 min, and there is NO traffic. Apparently, no one is going towards El Reno, might be a red flag to some, but I'm okay with.

The city of El Reno is......


Did I say I love my new job?

More to come on El Reno, later. I can tell there will be some fun stories come out of that little town. I will survive though, thanks to S.W.S.W!!!

Subway. Wal Mart. Sonic. Walgreens.

God is good.

Well I am sure that's enough about my new job, it is great though, really. A great change for me, again God is so good!