November 22, 2010

Click it, or Ticket!

I think DJ and I can say, without a doubt, that we have successfully drilled into our children's heads the rule that wearing seat belts is a must!

I was driving with the girls yesterday and while stopped at the stop light, we look over and see that the SUV next to us has two little blonde-headed girls jumping around the backseat seat belt-less!

My girls immediately notice the situation, and began to comment...

Lily, "Wow-they're not wearing seat belts, their dad must NOT care about them!"

Addy, "They're going to fly right thru the windshield."

Lily, "And probably, they're going to die."

Addy, "Then, the po-leece man will come - and their daddy will go to jail."

Seat belt safety - CHECK!
Now, back to the parent guide to see what's NEXT on our agenda...

November 12, 2010

Say what?

Addy brought home a Pre-K homework assignment (what is this world coming to when Pre-K students have homework?) She had to cut out little pictures of words that started with the letter N and glue them in their correct place on the page.

The first was...
Native American. The following conversation transpired....

Lily: Addy, that's a Nate of American.
Me: A what?
Lily: A Nate of American.
Me: A Native American?
Lily: What?
Me: Native American NOT Nate of American.
Lily: Ohhhhh!
Addy: No it's not, it's an astronaut.

Okay stike that comment - maybe they BOTH need homework!

November 8, 2010

Things I say as a Mom...

that I NEVER realized I would have to say......

"Don't sit on your sister's head, she can't breathe."

"No, we don't want to smell your feet. Yes, I realize they really stink - we still really don't want to smell them!"

"You need to wipe better."

"Why don't you have panties on?"

"Don't ask strangers to smell your feet."

"Don't lick your wounds - this is a thing your dad said to be funny and it wasn't, and he isn't, and it isn't! Just don't ever lick yourself."

November 4, 2010 big as your head!

Have you ever heard the saying something is "as big as your head" in reference to food?? Like "I ate a cinnamon roll the size of my head!" Or, "that burger is as big as your head." (It's probably dangerous to consume food the size of your head considering our stomachs are supposed to be the size of our fists, or something. I'm sure this girl can clear all that up.)

The other night we were eating at Qdoba. My husband loves for them to stuff a burrito until the tortilla seems like it will break, it's a challenge to him. The bigger the better.
It is a little disturbing to watch him eat it....

I made the comment "that thing is as big as your head!" Then we did some comparing...

Really????? Look at that thing!!!!!

He was so proud, and I was in shock. Then my shock turned to embarrassment when I realized people were staring at us hold a burrito up to our kids heads and then take pictures. "Look ma, this burritos as big as my head, quick - take a picture! We gotta show everybody back on the farm."
I wanted to yell out "don't worry, I'm a blogger" because when you're a blogger you can take pictures of pretty much anything and get away with it!