October 1, 2010

The Toothless Years

I love this girl! She just takes amazing pics of my kids ALL the time! (Love, love, love her!)

Lily turned 7 back in June, but it was so hot we waited a bit to get some 7 year old photos of her. I freaked out a bit last Saturday and thought...."those teeth are going to come in and I am going to forget that adorable little toothless smile! I have to get pictures now!"

(Then I thought a little more....."Those teeth are going to be big and awkward and then a dental professional is going to tell me I have to pay mega bucks to fix them, and then when it's all done and she is out of braces and her teeth are perfect it will be time for the Addy to get them.")

Teeth or no teeth....I love this sweet 7 year old!