August 28, 2009

Ode to the Portable DVD Player

Dear Portable DVD Player,

Where do I begin? When you joined our home 6 years ago I wasn't sure how you'd fit in. But after about a year I knew you would become a permanent fixture in our lives. I apologize to you that in your final days, I have had to find a stock image of you online, I couldn't humiliate you by snapping a shot of you at your worst. You've seen us through good times and bad times. Hospital visits, hospital stays, trips to McAlester, Tulsa and Dallas, soccer practice, doctors visits, numerous flights to San Diego, and yes sometimes even trips from west Edmond to east Edmond.

You were always there and never complained about sticky fingers or little hands grabbing your head and slamming it down repeatedly. You've been left in a hot car for weeks, and had graham crackers & gummy bears inserted into your dvd compartment (I'm really sorry about that part, that must have been painful.)

I hope you know how much you have meant to me. You can not be replaced...unless, however, Best Buy has a sale soon. And I know you will soon be tossed into a box labeled "junk"....but you're not junk in my book. I love you and thank you for your dedication.



August 18, 2009

1st Down

You can see by her face that she was pretty torn up about heading out to 1st Grade!!

Little sister LESS than thrilled that sissy was leaving.....

I have Lesley to thank for my pics today! I left my camera on my desk (at work) yesterday. Re had a back up camera and said "come get it!" Thank you Re!
I'll tell you what, you can post things on Facebook and get answers & help!! hmmmm...possibly I should post that I need my OG&E bill paid....
Love the Camp Rock umbrella, thank you GiGi!
Love the rain, thank you God!

We ordered these pink high tops from two months ago (didn't have her size in the store). I didn't think we would wear them the first day but she wanted to and they did look SO cute!
Love the shoes, thank you MiMi!

I love you my sweet Lily! I hope you love 1st grade, I know you will!

August 17, 2009

L = Y

Please remember that Addy says all her L's as Y's.

With that being said, I present to you:

"Yook mommy I got yotion on my yegs!"

Yots of yotion.

You don't yike it? You are yelling so youd!

I yuv you mommy.

Awwww, dang it. I yuv you...I mean love you, too!

August 3, 2009

Lake Livin' in the Life for Me!!!

Just cuz I grew up in Byng, Oklahoma and went to Pettijohn Springs Christian Camp doesn't mean I'm a "country" girl. Camping out isn't really my thing...until now!

Our great friends, the Conley's invited us to join them at Lake Eufala this weekend. Jason's mom works for....hmmm, well since I didn't ask permission I will just say she works for a corporation in Oklahoma that owns "bargain stores." It's one of the greatest stores on earth!!! Since she is so close to the family that owns those bargain stores, they allowed us to use their lake home for the weekend. All 10 of us went, but it was a little cramped......

The house only SLEEPS 33 and just has 9 bathrooms!!! So we didn't have enough room to really spread out!

I could really get used to "camping!"

Hasten is NOT a good co-captain.
Addy tried the tube, she didn't love it.
Hasten fits the rock-star role much better!

Isabelle and Renee loved it...

The little girls had fun....

And the big girls! Sure it was fun...if you notice I am screaming my head off since DJ and Jason thought it would be funny to throw us around like rag dolls! It was nuts, but we refused to let go. Granted, we couldn't move our arms the next morning, but it was worth it!

Lily loved all of it! She would move to the lake today. We couldn't get her out of the water!

Addy like being IN THE BOAT much better!

She bounced so much out of this thing we thought we were going to lose her! Renee grabbed her life vest to keep her was fun to watch though. I wish I had video of that.

Then there were the big boys....they loved throwing each other around. The bigger the crash the better. Boys are dumb.

We had a GREAT time! I never thought "roughin it" would be so much fun! ; )