November 10, 2009

If these don't make you smile, nothing will!!

She wanted more pictures of the flower girl...lucky for me! Hair, lip stick, nails, dress-up, photo shoot...know wonder she loves that lady.

Every bride needs a bridesmaid!

November 9, 2009

3 things...

1. I need to post a picture so my sweet Nana will keep reading my blog.

This is DJ and the girls with Grandpa Johnson, aka "Silly Grandpa." We had a great visit with him while he was here and we wish he was closer, or we were closer to him...and the BEACH!

2. Yesterday we had to attend late service due to Lily having a 8:00 AM soccer game. First tournament for Lily and they rocked it! They only played one team their age (beat them), then the other 3 teams they played were older (7 & 8 year old girls)!! We were so proud of them. Won one, lost one, tied 2!!! GO Pink Panthers!

So back to the church service. I like my early morning crack-of-dawn service better! BUT, I did get to see many people I don't usually see, since we attend mega-church. One friends son, not naming names, had taken markers and stacked them on top of each other making a wand/sword that he was waving around with pride. She had stopped him several times, so it was entertaining . Anyway, her son almost clocked a man in the head once and she grabbed that Crayola Washable wand just in time to stop him from making contact. DANG IT! That would have been one fabulous blog post to read. YES I wanted the sweet little man to get hit just so I could read a blog post about it. (Silence.) Wow, this is an all time low. I guess the first step is admitting I have a problem.

3. I signed up to host BK (Brother's Keepers group at church. It's a group of people that get together monthly to eat and visit) back in January. Not knowing at the time that it would be the same weekend I had 5 soccer games to attend. Needless to say our bedroom door was locked!!! YIKES!
Our BK leader found out last minute that the people that were signed up to bring drinks weren't coming, so she grabbed some cherry limeade Crystal Light packets and some pitchers and brought those over. Thank goodness we had something! Our group was there and all the men were in the living room watching football, while us ladies were in the kitchen. Being a fab hostess, I went in to ask the guys what they wanted to drink (one of the guys was our class elder, Max Dobson). I started listing off all the drink options...."We've got water, lemonade, some Pepsi and some know...mixed drink.... OH no....not mixed drink, mixed drink.....(laughing and turning bright red)...I mean you know....oh powder stuff..." I'm not sure how long I went on, Max said "uh-hu, let me get out my tape recorder and document this." Great. I just jump from one eldership prayer list to another!

November 2, 2009


What happened to little stuffed duck costumes? Really, I ask you, where has the time gone?

My 6 year wanted to be a rock star. (Insert crocodile tear drops.) Despite my tears they were cute! My little rock star and my monarch butterfly!

Here's the sugary sweet candy-filled smiles from BFF'S Addy & Cailey.

Here my sweet girls are with two of the adorable Crawford sisters....Reagan & Delanie

Oh and here's another sister Jillian. (I didn't get one with the baby Kenley. Wow, 4 girls! Can you imagine? I can NOT!)

This picture makes my stomach hurt. Not just hurt. More like, lay in my bed in the fetal position and bawl my eyes out kinda hurt. Yeah that describes it.

Yet another gut wrenching shot. They look old...TOO old! Gothic/cheerleader pre-teen looking old. I think I need a drink.

Speaking of gut wrenching. This shot of DJ and Dan "The Man" Proctor makes me rethink everything I believed in from 1981-1989. SCARY!!!!

And last, but not least, the Nerdalicious trio....Kate, Re & Me!

We're bringing a trendy, chic look to nerds everywhere. (Please note if you knew me during my true NERD years, you know the red rimmed glasses wearing, permed hair scrunching, french horn playing, peg-legged jean wearing days.... please don't comment. Really, please don't. Trust me, I was humiliated enough by just typing that sentence!)