April 26, 2009

Walk on the WILD SIDE!



We walked 13.1 miles and it rocked!!!!! I mean minus the fact that I can't move without moaning a little...it was great. Renee, Shelley, Heather and I loved doing it. None of us ever thought, I can't go on....we just did it.

There are a lot of things to marathons I didn't know. Like these little chips on your shoes. Didn't know they tracked you. (We thought about heading into McDonald's on 23rd street, but knew big brother was watching.) Another funny thing that happened was us at the start line. They rank you, FAST in the front, walkers in the back. Well...we didn't make it to the back, so we were in the group of people running 8 minute miles!!! Uh hello! We ran for the first minute just so we wouldn't get trampled! Funny, but scary. Marathoners don't have a sense of humor at 6:30 AM!

OH YEAH THE FINISH LINE! It was awesome all the people who come out to cheer people on, just amazing. The half marathon is exhilarating, I can't imagine the people who do the full. They amaze me.

Dang it if Mandy didn't catch up to us! I really wanted to beat her, but I didn't. (Renee & Heather booked it to get there first! Not that we're racing!! ha ha)

And here we are at the end. I got a medal which made Lily happy! She couldn't understand why I would want to do something like that and NOT get a medal. It was a great experience.....we're hooked!Thanks Shel, Heather & Renee for helping me make it happen!!
13.1 in 3:43....ROCK ON!

April 25, 2009

Gena/Summer you can't stop me....Random Thoughts SATURDAY!

I have been talking about this half marathon for months now, and tomorrow is the day. I thought I might throw up today thinking about it, but tonight as I'm getting everything laid out I am surprisingly excited! I'll let you know how it goes, I hope to post pics tomorrow. 13.1 miles. I'm just going to walk 1 mile 13 times! (Heard that today, and really liked it!)

I desperately wanted to get a picture of a man at the mall today, he had a RAT TAIL!!! Oh, how I love the rat tail. The rat tail says "I'm confident that 1987 is still cool, that I drive a Firebird, and I have no real friends." Man I wish I could have snapped a picture. I had the camera out....but just couldn't pull it off. Hats off to you rat tail man, you rocked it.

Children's Place had 50% off clearance today. I love that store, and 50% off clearance...unbeatable! I would totally knock someone down to get what I want there.

Why do the Disney people put movies in the vault? It makes me angry. I mean I know WHY they do it....cuz there are people who see that 101 Dalmatians is only out of the vault for a limited time and they just have to have it cuz they only have it on VHS and it's a wonderful family film that they must have now before those Disney marketing geniuses lock it up forever!

On a completely unrelated note, we are watching 101 Dalmatians tonight after dinner. ; )

April 20, 2009

Buckle Up....It's the Law!

"Addy, you don't need a booster seat anymore, you're 3!"
(Mom takes it down from the bar, puts it on the floor to stick out in the garage.)

Sassy 3 year old decides to use it as stool and get into the sucker bucket. She gets a sucker (while mom is off in blog land) and sits down to enjoy it.
Then, she buckles up.....

AND she couldn't get out!

I did what any other sane mother would do. I took pictures, and then didn't unbuckle her for 11 minutes while I cleaned the kitchen!

April 18, 2009

Eat your heart out Lance Armstrong.....

Lily has had a bike with TRAINING wheels since she as about 3. It was getting very small for her considering her knees were hitting the handle bars! Last summer some of our good friends gave us a bigger bike for her. It needed a new tire, and we just put in the back of the garage and didn't really think much more about it.

Last week, DJ decided to fix the tire. After he fixed it, he told Lily "Later this week we will practice riding your bike and I can work with you until you get it." She then asked "Can I please just sit on it?"

He let her and she put her feet on the peddles and............

DOWN THE STREET SHE WENT!!!!DJ grabbed his bike and they went around the block 4 times. It was nuts!!!! She just did it, he didn't help her one time!!! Personally, I think her BMX buddy Callon has rubbed off on her!

April 16, 2009


I have saved no good material for Random Thoughts Thursday. My apologies. But I have learned something today. Always post random thoughts EARLY. When you wait until you have a quick break and check in, you read OTHER, funnier random thoughts and then yours seem....dull.

Thinking back to my randomness from last week....uh, taxes STILL suck.

I have now considered giving up Diet Dr. Pepper. I mean I was drinking one this morning as I wrote my pros/cons list. It's still on the table.

Next Saturday I am walking in a half marathon. I am literally scared to death. Basically (for those of you who live in OKC) I will be walking from the Bombing Memorial to Belle Isle Chili's and back. Wow. I can't even think about it right now......

I hate calling places that have "computer generated" people talking. They freak me out a little. The Cox lady makes me so mad, one day I thought what if I start yelling at her. Screaming actually. She just said, "I'm sorry I don't understand your request." Then we got disconnected. I'm sure it was a fluke.

Addy is dressing herself more and taking her panties off before getting dressed. It's happened twice now in the last few weeks. This may be an issue later, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it! Lily, on the other hand, doesn't like to walk from the bathroom to her bedroom with no panties! To each his own.

That's all I got folks.

April 15, 2009

It is what it is.

Lily was reading her story reader last night (from school), and each reader focuses on a letter. Last night the letter was X. So things like...

Did Tex see the fox?
Did he put a lox in a box?
Can you fix the fax?

A lot of X's!!!!!!!!!!!

It came to the word WAX and Lily said "Oh...I know what wax is, it goes on your eyebrows!"

April 14, 2009

Blogger Buddy Dinner

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS: I must clarify that I did NOT plan a dinner for all my blogging buddies. (Don't worry, I didn't lose your invitation!)

Here's how this all went down. The girl on the right is.....

Katie. She has known my husband since their old San Diego days. Her older brother Andy (pictured below) played baseball with DJ and then came to OC to play as well!

So one day I am blog stalking and I find Andy's wife page (pictured below on the far right.) Her name is Julie and I loved her blog even though I didn't know her! So.....

as I stalked Julie's page, I found a familiar name....Det. DJ had a baseball buddy we called Det which was short for Determan. It was him. Well it was his wife!!! I didn't know her either but her blog was GREAT! I stalked them both for weeks before I commented on their pages. I finally got to meet them!
This is Jess....
(Random pic of the boys!) Hang in there, I'm finishing the story....

So, since I heard that Andy and Julie were coming to town, I thought....hmmmmmm...maybe we could get together so I could get to know Julie and actually meet Jess! It happened, and it was GREAT! Other friends of theirs came as well...so it worked out perfectly. I made Proctor come with me too and I have begged her to start a blog called "Confessions of a Hair Dresser!" (Wouldn't YOU read it???)
So I got to meet those I had stalked. It was delightful and fulfilling....and possibly creepy for them, oh well. It was fun. So my advice is, if you stalk....TALK. Make a comment on their page! You might actually form a friendship with the person. Worst case, they'll get a restraining order.


I never took the time to make a blog list. It was easier to go to other peoples pages who had taken the time to "care" for their blogs. I didn't. But last night after my Blogging Buddy dinner (more to come on that later), I was inspired to do it.

So this morning I started the grueling process. There are 44 of you, and it took a long time! Some of you who haven't blogged in 3 months (Ahmmmm..........J Boggs) you about didn't make the cut! You folks have earned your spot in BLOG ROW....you better make me proud!

April 12, 2009

Easter...in no particular order

I love Easter! Here's some pictures from our day....
Easter egg hunt inside. (Thanks rain!) Lily, Brenna, Addy & Piper had a good time searching for them!

Callon, Lily & Canton....their outfits came from Children's Place so they matched perfectly! Not on purpose....but still perfect!

Sarah's trifle. DELISH! Josh made cake pops that were equally DELISH!

Canton, Lily, Cal, Cailey & Addy......SO CUTE!

Our angels.....

Quick and easy name place holders, just write the guests name on the egg...

I really love table decorations...

Well just cuz you're at the kids table doesn't mean it has to be ugly! They got decorations too!

Hope your Easter was spectacular!

April 11, 2009

Addy is THREE!!!!!

Our little family is growing up! It can't believe that Addy turned 3 yesterday! She's so big.

Best cookies on earth! NO, I didn't make them!! (Eileen's Cookies on Danforth.)
Miss Re & Aunt Kate made her a necklace! I lOvE it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweet girl. (No horns yet. Lily's popped out the DAY she turned 3, so we're waiting!)

Addy is not my performer! Once we sang she went into her shell and wouldn't blow out the candles! She was being so shy, Daddy had to help her blow them out.

We love our little Addy, and all the terms she has coined that we will forever remember! Her L's are all Y, so....
legs are yegs
love is yuve
Lily is Yiyee
lot is a yot
Thank you is tank tu, she calls panties pay-pays, and says CHOP instead of stop!
We love you ADDY IRENE! Happy 3rd B-day!

April 9, 2009


About 5 years ago I was leisurely strolling through Wal-Mart (I had a small baby then, when leisurely strolling was still an option) and I saw some PRE-FILLED Easter eggs. I thought to myself "how freakin lazy do you have to be to buy pre-filled eggs!" Last night.....in my heels, after being at work since 7:30 am (and up since 5 am) I rushed through Wal-Mart, grabbed my 5 year old out of the car (who had a notebook and was drawing while we walked through the store) and grabbed my 2 year old from her car seat. We rushed into the store to get the items we needed to fill our eggs.........those pre-filled eggs looked so tempting!!! So temping in fact, they were in the cart. The ONLY thing that changed my mind was I really didn't want to give candy out so......... I bought stickers and some eggs and we filled our sticker eggs at 9:15 last night.

On a side note, one sassy kindergartner in my house didn't think "sticker eggs" were cool. They got cooler when I got the trash can out and offered to throw them all way.

Owning your own business rocks. Taxes suck.

Addy turns 3 tomorrow. THREE. Oh how I dread the inevitable terrible threes phase. It sickens me to think about it. And...we can't just have a normal Dora party, she has to ask for a Swiper party. Swiper??? Really? Pick the evil, creepy character who steals from Dora. I am hoping this is not a sign of things to come.

I love Diet Dr. Pepper, but am fearful of the chemicals I am putting in my body. Not fearful enough to stop drinking it though.