February 4, 2010

Say what????

I try really hard not to curse.

Have I cursed? (Yes Nana, I have.) Do I struggle with it occasionally at work? Yes.

Do I curse at home? No.

Never. (Okay, there was one time that Lily and I were in the car and I pulled out in front of a car and almost got t-boned. I did say shit, but she didn't hear me. Thank God.)

So...since Lily is learning so much at school I figured last night was a good time for her and I to talk about language she might hear at school. I told her there might be words she heard at school and she might not know what the words mean. I said "Lily, if you hear a word (maybe a bad word) and you're not sure what it means, you can tell me and we can talk about it." She said "Okay mom, I can do that! I don't know of any words like that, but if I hear any, I'll tell you." I felt good about the conversation. Parenting at it's finest.

So tonight the girls were running around the living room and Addy started screaming. Oh boy, here we go. I said "Girls come here, what happened?" Lily (wide eyed) said "Mom, I don't know...all I know is she ran smack damn into the couch."

I said, "What?"

Lily (looking at me, like I'm a fool) "she ran smack damn into the couch."

Now I was the wide eyed one and yelled, "DAMON!!!!"

We calmly explained to her that "smack damn" isn't a phrase we use. She said "oh like those words you said we should talk about?" "YES! Yes, exactly like we talked about." See, she WAS listening.

If she uses the term again, we get out the bar of soap. She's been warned. Ewww...I hope (for her sake, and the sake of not wanting to clean puke off my carpet) that she never says it again!