March 22, 2011

Monkey See. Monkey Do.

My children are monkeys. (Not the cute kind that sit on your shoulder.) The wild, climbing, crazy, kind.

They climb on everything.

When signs are posted that clearly prohibit "no climbing" that makes them want to climb more. Their eyes light up, looking at me like, "Mom...can we, can we, can we?"

I let them get some climbing in this weekend, they climbed on everything in sight and did monkey bars too, which was fitting for the two of them.

{When we're at the Zoo and watch the Chimps eat I think to myself, "I could totally see my kids eating peanut butter off each others heads. I draw the line at flinging poo at each other though, that's just wrong.}

Look at that determination...

My sweet little climbing monkeys! I do love them!!!!

I just wish I knew where they got it from...

I really have no idea at all!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Remind me to tell Damon about the time we saw a guy climb that tower as high as he could, and then JUMP to the top! It was a bit mind-boggling, but maybe your family could take that up as a strange human trick to work on or something. You know, it would really be a great bonding experience for them, while you stand below screaming, "Oh. REALLY!?!" :-)